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In addition to my volunteer work as a board member of the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition, my "day job" is at the Twin Cities Daily Planet, where I work as associate editor. The Daily Planet is a community news website published since 2006 by the nonprofit Twin Cities Media Alliance.

We're a citizen journalism project, which means that instead of enlisting professional journalists to act as "experts," we treat ordinary community members like the experts they are. Daily Planet editor Mary Turck and I work with citizen journalists to assign and edit stories about all manner of local topics—including biking. (And we pay!)

In fact, coverage of biking and sustainable transportation is so important to us that we're starting a "bike beat": a group of people who meet regularly to discuss local biking news and ways we might cover it in the Daily Planet. If you're interested in helping us to share the news about issues and events affecting our local biking community, please contact Mary: [email protected].

- Jay Gabler

Photo by Eric Blom for the Twin Cities Daily Planet

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