Healthy Trips, Healthy City: A Minneapolis Attorney's Perspective

The following is a guest blog post by local bike attorney Dan Brazil of Brazil Law Group. Brazil Law Group is a sponsor of Our Streets Minneapolis. 

I’ve lived in Uptown Minneapolis ever since I finished law school. One of the reasons I chose to live in Uptown was the proximity to the Chain of Lakes, bike trails and jogging paths. Plus, I’m close to the stores, restaurants and essential services I rely on for my day-to-day needs.

I enjoy being able to walk places, bike to work, and get around on public transportation. That’s why I’m super stoked about Our Streets’ new project: Healthy Trips, Healthy City

Wayfinding Builds Connection Within My Community

Part of my excitement about the Healthy Trips, Healthy City project is the wayfinding decals. Our Streets Minneapolis is placing over 90 decals on sidewalks and streets all across the city, directing people from popular biking routes to nearby local shops, restaurants and specialty stores.

I appreciate everything about this. Connecting with local businesses in my community aligns closely with my values to:

  • Reduce my carbon footprint
  • Get to know my neighbors and local business owners
  • Stay healthy while getting to and from the places I frequent for personal and business needs

Since I only live eight blocks from my law practice, I love the choice to walk or bike to work. I’m close enough to my bank that I can jump on my bike over lunch and go make a deposit or drop a package at FedEx a few doors down.

I get my dry cleaning done next door at Uptown Cleaners and if I need a hardware item, the shop is a quick ride to Linden Hills. Riding along Lake Bde Maka Ska is an extra perk! Being able to use my bike for the essentials makes me feel more connected to this great city I call home.

9 Local Spots I Frequent on Foot and by Bike in Uptown

I love being outdoors and enjoy cycling whenever and wherever I can. If I could recommend some local shops that I frequent on foot or by bike, here’s my shortlist:

  • Lunds & Byerlys Grocery: Lunds is my favorite grocery stop in Uptown. They carry everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to fine meats and cheeses.
  • Healthsource Chiropractic: I visit Healthsource Chiropractic to get my aging spine and neck adjusted, usually from overdoing it!
  • Perennial Cycle: Perennial Cycle is my local, go-to bike shop for those pesky flats and other cycling needs.
  • Settergren’s Hardware: I visit Settergren’s in Linden Hills for all my household repair needs such as light bulbs and garden needs.
  • Brim Restaurant: I love venturing into Brim for a yummy and healthy rice bowl, the perfect lunch for a vegetarian or carnivore.
  • Barbette: Barbette is my go-to lunch eatery, especially during social distancing. It’s also one of the best French restaurants in the Twin Cities.
  • Pizza Lucé: Pizza Lucé has some of the best takeout pizza in Minneapolis. My son devours it on the spot.
  • MidWestOne Bank: For business and personal needs, I use MidWestOne Bank, a great local bank located conveniently in Uptown. Plus, the drive-thru makes banking easy on two wheels.
  • Spectacle Shoppe: When my glasses get sat on by my teenager, I take them to the Spectacle Shoppe. They also offer eye exams.

Photo of Dan Brazil standing outside on a sunny day

Wherever You Go, Go Safely

The bicycle crash aftermath is difficult to go through on your own, especially if you plan to file a claim. While you’re suffering from injuries and a rush of adrenaline, it’s easy to forget to take photos and gather information from the other party. That’s why it’s sometimes best to call for help.

Whether it’s the police department or a bicycle attorney, there’s always help available to you.

Attorney Daniel J. Brazil of Brazil Law Group is an experienced personal injury attorney with offices located in Uptown. He’s also a member of the Bike Law Network. He has a passion for the outdoors, especially cycling and climbing. Learn more about Dan and his practice by following him on Twitter (@LawDanielBrazil and #MplsBikeAttorney).

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