North Minneapolis Greenway Demonstration- Delayed until spring

For those of you following along, you know there is a planned Greenway in North Minneapolis.  After years of intensive community surveying and engagement, a plan to install a 5-block demonstration of the North Minneapolis Greenway has been developed.

Initially this demonstration was to be installed this November. Bids for the North Minneapolis Demonstration Project, particularly costs for anticipated maintenance associated with the greenway demonstration, were higher than anticipated. More time is needed to figure out how to financially make it happen. With the coming winter, the most realistic timeline for installation is this coming spring. Ultimately, a delayed installation is necessary for the best experience possible for residents during the demonstration.


From the North Minneapolis Greenway Council

Kendrick Hall, Willard Neighborhood resident, and North Minneapolis Greenway Council Subcommittee Co-chair was nice enough to write this statement about the greenway demonstration.

We, the Northside Greenway Council, would like to let you know that the demonstration for the Northside Greenway project has been delayed due to a financial shortfall. However, the deferred installation provides an opportunity to hone in on some ideas about how to roll out the demonstration project and ensure it produces a high quality outcome for residents.

Right now we are in the process of addressing the budget shortfall. We will continue to reach out to residents that live on and near the Greenway route. We have reached out in the past but know we can narrow down what residents are actually supporting and what they will like to see incorporated into this project. Also, as a council, we have broaden the scope of the Greenway project and realize that it is much more than opening space for bicycle riders; we see it as an opportunity for residents to walk, skate, migrate to school, and much more.

As a council, we believe that residents' well-being, health needs, and priorities utilize different forms of exercise. Residents, youth and travelers will be able to use the space to bond and build relationships. It gives the community a chance to meet those living on and near the Greenway with the thought of building healthy relationships throughout North Minneapolis.

We can't wait to see what is installed in the spring, and how the community will embrace this different kind of outdoor space.


Bikeways for Everyone resource page: For an overview of the project

North Minneapolis Greenway website: See engagement that has been done, and some updates about the project

Demonstration website: Detailed plans and frequently asked questions.


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