Grease Rag open shop at Cycles for Change

Katherine Daugherty,a Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition volunteer, checked out a Grease Rag Open Shop for Bike Week! Here's what she had to say about the experience:

Grease Rag open shop at Cycles for Change was an inviting and empowering experience. Tuesday nights open shop is exclusively for women, trans and femme identifying individuals and provided a safe environment to learn.

I went into the shop to tune up my bike, even though I didn't know what that'd entail.

bike_photo_C4C.jpgKnowledgeable staff and volunteers helped out us newcomers. Some of the women were making their bikes from scratch using parts available at the shop. My experience was discovering that my bike had a gear it wasn't able to shift to. Turns out all I needed to remedy this was loosen my limit screws! Claire, who was helping me with my bike, then kindly showed me where the screws were and told me about their function. This was my first time at the C4C shop but felt ease in navigating the clean and organized work stations, and confident when asking unknown questions.

Before the open shop I didn't know limit screws existed, or that my bike had more gears! Instead of taking my bike into a mechanic, I had the opportunity to learn hands on about my bicycle.

To learn more about Grease Rag or to find the date of the next Grease Rag Open Shop, head to:

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