Fix Washington Avenue

Let’s be honest, does anyone really enjoy traveling along Washington Avenue? Does anyone ever feel safe when commuting on Washington Avenue? This seven lane roadway that cuts off the vibrant Downtown from the beautiful Mississippi River feels likes a hostile highway for all - car drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians.  In 2014, Washington Avenue will be reconstructed between Hennepin Avenue and Fifth Avenue S. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform Washington Avenue from its current state as an unsafe, unattractive barrier into a street that invites people to linger and explore – a street that truly links Downtown to its nearby neighborhoods and all they have to offer. We want Hennepin County to rebuild Washington Avenue for everyone!

The “Need to Know” facts for Washington Avenue:

  • Washington Avenue has a lot of potential to be a major connector/corridor for bicyclists and pedestrians to Downtown, North Loop, Cedar-Riverside, and the University of Minnesota. 


  • Hennepin County has not released the reconstruction plan yet, but will be releasing it any day now. We hope to seecycletracks included in the reconstruction plan. Want to learn more about cycletracks? Read this document for more information. 


  • You can contact your County Commissioner today to tell them that the inclusion of a cycletrack on the re-designed Washington Avenue is important to you. Use this Ward Finder to figure out who your County Commissioner is and how to contact them:


  • This is one of the city’s widest corridors. There is adequate room to accommodate infrastructure improvements for bicyclists and pedestrians. There is no reason that this corridor cannot be a thriving, lively, safe, and enjoyable destination.


  • People want these infrastructure improvements – just ask any of the 500 individuals who stopped on the Stone Arch Bridge to hand-write a letter to Councilmember Lisa Goodman, Mayor Rybak, and Commissioner McLaughlin to ask for a cycletrack on the redesigned Washington Avenue.

The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition will be updating as the project progresses. Stay tuned for more blog posts and details as they come our way.

While we wait to hear from Hennepin County, we would like to hear from you:

  • What are your thoughts on Washington Avenue?

  • How do you travel along Washington Avenue? Or do you avoid it all together?

  • Do you enjoy traveling along Washington Avenue in its current state?

  • How could Washington Avenue be more enjoyable to travel and linger along?

Volunteers Molly and Betsy co-wrote this post.

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