Family Biking Profile: Nicole Infinity

We are featuring stories of folks who bike with their children, we hope it inspires you to get your kids on bikes! Here's a profile of one of the many Minneapolitans riding with their kids--Nicole Infinity. If you want to share your family biking story contact Emily.

How did you start biking with your family?
As soon as our kiddos came to us at 1 and 3, we purchased a used kid trailer. It was very challenging to pull with my very used road bike with tiny tires, but we fell in love with getting places and feeling good about the journey.

What do you like best about biking with your family?
I love that we can all be outside moving our bodies together while getting where we would like to go.

Where is your favorite place to bike with your family?
Co-op, farmers' market, and other places with food, apparently.

What tips do you have for parents thinking about biking with their kids?
Figure out what kind of biker you are and what purpose your bike needs to serve. I am a transportation biker and so when a neighbor sold us his cargo bike, we started biking as a family even more because it is easy to stick on the porch and take out whenever we need it. The trailer did not work nearly as well for us.

Start the kiddos biking as early as possible. Kick bike then teach them how to pedal (we introduced pedals with training wheels). Get them practicing as much as possible. Our biggest kiddo is now 6 and has completed several 18+ mile bike rides. He loves being able to get himself places on his bike.

Talk to other families who bike to get good route to your favorite places/cool places and any tips on getting there safely and where to lock up.

What would make biking with your family better?
Safer ways to get to all of our favorite spots with buffered or protected bike lanes. We also need more places to lock up family bikes (cargo bikes and trailers). More biking programs closer to home including things like BMX racing, mountain bike trails, bike rodeos, and community bike rides to encourage kids to bike for life.

All photos from Nicole Infinity. 

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