Events and Outreach Meeting Report

January 9th, 16 volunteers started planning rides, happy hours, and other outreach for 2013.  More than half were new volunteers, and everyone jumped in with new ideas or doing follow-up from the meeting.  

We spent quite a while discussing what sorts of events we'd like to have in 2013, and there were three clear categories:

  • happy hours

  • rides

  • tabling/power stations

It was especially fun to hear people's ideas for rides (you can see some of the event ideas the group will choose from here).  Bike dates, biking for brunch, bike brewery rides, scavanger hunt rides, and winter skills rides were on the list.

We've set a follow-up meeting for: 

February 13th


at Common Roots (26th and Lyndale S)


We're planning to organize three smaller work groups for each of the types of events, and will break into small groups for part of the meeting on the 13th to do some planning.

And -- there are a couple of events planned for the next week, including a 5:30pm Meet-Up at Acadia Cafe on Thursday, the 24th, and a soon to be announced happy hour.

Do you want to get automated messages about events and outreach planning meetings?  Send an email to the group+subscribe address for the group you are interested in.   For example, if you wish to subscribe to the "Outreach and Events of Minnesota Bicycling" group send an email to [email protected].


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