Drive-Through for Bikes

The Affinity Plus Credit Union branch at 2520 University Avenue SE has several drive-through lanes for motorists, one of which now doubles as a designated bike thru lane.

I talked with Amber Shanley, the branch manager, and Ben Hering, a business development specialist, about the drive-through.  As far as they know it is the first bicycle drive-through in Minnesota.  It was installed June 14th and they are monitoring use so they can make improvements.

Bicyclists have always been permitted in the drive-throughs, but they wanted to improve convenience to their members -- to do what's right.  They think that the new drive-through will communicate to members that cyclists are welcome, and they expect to see improved safety by the increased awareness of cyclists the drive-through should bring.

Part of their motivation was to initiate a conversation about bikers in drive-up.  They started with this branch because it is close to the highest biker-volume intersection in Minnesota.  With the experience gained here they'll consider designating other drive-throughs as bike-throughs.

The credit union has 27 branches throughout Minnesota and is member run.  They say they recognize a "natural alliance" with cyclists.



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