Downtown Bikeways September Report

The Downtown Bikeways work group is still going strong and excited about upcoming projects! Our September meeting was productive, beginning with introductions and a conversation about what each of us has to offer the group. (Catch up on what we did in August here.) We then divided into our work groups and spent the majority of the time planning. Here's what each group discussed:


Lasalle/1st Ave:

  • We discussed our priorities and vision for a safer Lasalle and 1st Avenue. Our main goals for the next couple of months are to share our goals with Council President Lisa Bender and with the support of even more local residents. We'll do that by canvassing in apartments, contacting schools, and setting up a meeting with Lisa.
  • We continued the conversation about what we can each bring to the group, and that was really helpful in determining who would complete which tasks in the upcoming weeks. We are hoping this will help us to continue to work more efficiently while making each group member feel valued!


9th/10th St:

  • This group is going to send a letter to local businesses, informing them of our campaign. Each person will reach out to businesses on the corridor to talk about how they can be involved. The group is working on talking points and an infographic that will help garner support for the work on those corridors.


Per usual, we gave our 2-minute updates before adjourning the meeting. We are excited to continue moving forward with our goals!

Do any of these priorities resonate with you? If you'd like to be involved, we are always looking to get new volunteers on board! Feel free to get in touch with Our Streets for more information, or come to our next meeting on Monday, October 1st.

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