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Snow and Grey or a Beautiful Day?


Grey Winter days are no reason to get you down. Nor are snow covered bicycle lanes.  Though the bike lane on SE 5th Street in the Marcy Holmes neighborhood is partly covered with snow, you can still pedal your way directly to an afternoon coffee or perhaps a brew over in the NorthEast.

Hennepin County engineers discuss bikes/upcoming projects

Yesterday, five representatives from the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition met with three key Hennepin County engineers (Jim Grube, Tom Johnson, and Bob Byers) and several members of the Hennepin County Bicycle Advisory Committee at a meeting hosted by Commissioner Peter McLaughlin and his aide Katie Hatt. Here are a few takeaways…

Upcoming projects. The County is in various stages of planning and discussions on eight future or potential bicycle-related projects in Minneapolis:

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We'e getting to work on communications/membership


At the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition, we are trying to do an ever better job of keeping Minneapolitans informed about what’s happening on bicycling and how you can make a difference. This blog is part of that, but we recognize that we need to better connect with people through the media, social media, volunteer opportunities, and even membership.

We are excited to announce that communications professionals Katie Eukel and Art Allen will be helping us with communications planning and creating a membership structure. Katie is the President and CEO at Fourth Sector Consulting, a communications firm that provides support to organizations that advance positive social change. You may also know her from her time as Communications Manager with Transit for Livable Communities. Art is a freelance writer and editor. Both love to bicycle in Minneapolis!

With their help, you’ll soon be able to be a member of the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition!

If you are interested in being involved in communications/membership planning, you can send me an email at [email protected] As always, this effort is 100% driven by volunteers.

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