St. Anthony East Neighborhood Association

Christina Perfetti

Christina Perfetti is the Executive Director of St. Anthony East Neighborhood Association. She has worked to build community power through empowering neighbors for the past 10 years. She serves as the Chair of the Broadway St. Task Force, a group of residents in Northeast who advocate for pedestrian safety improvements along Broadway St. NE.

Why Northeast County Streets Matter

Improving county streets is important to St. Anthony East Neighborhood Association because we have seen firsthand how organizing resident voices about county streets can be powerful in impacting decisions made for our communities. We believe county streets should serve the communities they are in. We intend to continue work to make sure county streets in Northeast also get the attention they deserve.

County Streets for People Logo

We are creating a movement to put people first on Hennepin County owned streets in Minneapolis.

Our goal is to reshape these streets so people can easily and comfortably walk, bike and roll on them.

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