Lake Street Council

Matt Kazinka

Matt Kazinka works for the Lake Street Council, a non-profit organization that supports businesses throughout the Lake Street corridor in Minneapolis. Matt builds strategic partnerships to ensure that businesses are accessible to customers. He also helps businesses access grants and rebates that will help them purchase energy-saving equipment or set up effective recycling systems. Matt lives right off Lake Street in the Corcoran neighborhood and is a frequent bike commuter, transit user, and walker.

Why Lake Street Matters

Lake Street businesses rely on their customers being able to reach them safely and conveniently, no matter how they choose to travel. Unfortunately, Lake Street intersections are some of the least safe in Minneapolis, and people who walk or ride their bike on the street are taking their lives into their hands. We frequently see and hear about horrible deaths, injuries, and damage to properties and street amenities from out-of-control cars. I hope that this campaign will help turn the tide and ensure that Lake Street, and other county streets, can be more welcoming to neighbors and visitors.

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