Hope Community, Inc.

Will DelaneyWill Delaney, Associate Director, Hope Community, Inc., joined Hope Community in 2008. His role is to lead the real estate and fundraising efforts of the organization. He serves as Chair of the Franklin Area Business Association, and is also the former Chair of the Emerging Leaders in Community Development Steering Committee.

Why Franklin Avenue Matters

"I know from our community members as well as my own experience as a pedestrian, bus rider, bicyclist and driver who regularly uses Franklin Avenue just how unsafe it is for those of us who live, work and play along it. For too long the priority of the street's design has been moving cars through the neighborhood at rush hour rather than the many residents and businesses along the corridor. I believe we can make Franklin - and other County roads in Minneapolis - much safer than they are today, which is why I am proud to be part of this campaign."

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We are creating a movement to put people first on Hennepin County owned streets in Minneapolis.

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