Lowry Avenue NE

is the boundary line for the Windom Park/Audobon Park neighborhoods and the Bottineau/Marshall Terrace neighborhoods and travels through the Holland neighborhood in Northeast Minneapolis. The Lowry Avenue Bridge crosses the Mississippi River and connects Northeast and North Minneapolis. Before the 1960s, Lowry Avenue NE was a tree-lined neighborhood street with two motor vehicle travel lanes, arching elm trees, and small storefronts. In the 1960s, the street was widened to two lanes in each direction, and in some places to one lane in each direction with parking, by removing the boulevard and street trees. Lowry Avenue NE is scheduled to be reconstructed by Hennepin County in 2023.


Goals for Lowry Avenue NE

We are working with our community partners and you to set our goals. Questions? Contact Cindy.

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This volunteer work group is creating a vision for a transformed Lowry Ave NE that puts people first, not just cars and we're organizing to make this vision a reality. We estimate the total time commitment to this workgroup to be five hours a month.

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Contact Your County Commissioner

Your County Commissioner works with the other elected County Commissioners to make the decisions about how transportation projects are prioritized on County Streets in Minneapolis. Make sure you let them know why it's important that Hennepin County prioritizes Lowry Avenue NE in Minneapolis.

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Irene Fernando, Commissioner District 2

Commissioner Irene Fernando, District 2

[email protected]
A-2400 Government Center
300 South 6th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55487

Akhilesh Menawat, Communications and Policy Aide
[email protected]

Bill Emory, Constituent Services and Policy Aide
[email protected]

Word on the Street

Lowry Ave NE for People: January 2021 update

Lowry Ave NE for People: January 2021 update

The Lowry Ave NE for People Work Group had its first meeting on Monday, January 25th. A total of 15 people attended. This work group is part of our County Streets for People campaign to transform Minneapolis streets owned by Hennepin County. The goal of this meeting was to discuss specific ways in which this group could work together effectively to create a vision for a Lowry Ave NE that puts people first. As part of this work, we will create an outreach plan to people, organizations, and businesses along the corridor. At our meeting we discussed a timeline for our work.

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BAC Asks For Bike Lanes on East Lowry Avenue

At its August 19 Engineering Subcommittee meeting, the Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) passed a motion calling for bike lanes in both directions on the eastern portion of Lowry Avenue NE. Members also discussed engineering the intersections for the new cycle track on Washington Avenue South and the progress of the 26th and 28th Street Bicycle Improvements.

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Lowry Bridge Opening

Lowry Bridge Opening

The community came out today to celebrate the opening of the new Lowry Bridge. The slate of elected officials that addressed the crowd attested to the hope for this new bridge that connects North and Northeast in majestic man-made beauty.

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Lowry Bridge Update

Lowry Bridge Update

Last month, Hennepin County staff presented drawings to the Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee showing details of the bike facilities that are planned for the Lowry Avenue Bridge.  The Bicycle Advisory Committee, together with the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition, the Bike Alliance of Minnesota, local residents, and advocates for riverfront trails, have been working with County staff and elected officials on incorporating bike facilities on the Lowry Bridge for many months.

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Lowry Bridge Success!

I’m thrilled to announce that earlier this month, Hennepin County Commissioner Mark Stenglein announced his support for the Lowry Bridge safety improvements that the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition has been advocating for over the last several months. Thank you Commissioner Stenglein for championing these important improvements! Lowry will now include bike lanes, area to ride on the sidewalk, and "slip ramps" to get bicyclists safely from the bike lanes to sidewalk bike area.

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Lowry Bridge Update--Work Must Continue

As we mentioned a couple weeks ago, significant progress has been made to make the Lowry Bridge safer for all types of bicyclists, but there is still work that needs to be done. Thank you to the dozens of people who called their county commissioners–it made a difference. After months of positive work with County officials that has greatly improved the safety of the bridge (including adding back in bike lanes), we have a disappointing update on an important detail.

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Lowry Avenue Bridge Bike Safety Action Alert

Hennepin County is designing and building a new Lowry Bridge, which will finally reconnect North and Northeast Minneapolis. But, the $92.7 million project does not yet include a safe, inviting route for all types of bicyclists across the bridge. We need your help to let Hennepin County Commissioners know that this connection is important to bicyclists and that we need a safe design for the Lowry Bridge.  This bridge is expected to last 80-100 years!

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Update and Action for Safe Biking on the Lowry Bridge

In Summer 2012 the  new Lowry Bridge will open to the public. Designed and built by Hennepin County, this $92.7 million project will finally reconnect North and Northeast Minneapolis. But there’s a problem, because Hennepin County still hasn’t committed to providing key safety features that bicyclists have requested. To be clear, Hennepin County staff have made positive steps in considering bicyclists, including a commitment to add bike lanes. This is real progress, and the County deserves credit for this. But important safety problems remain unresolved. This isn’t just bad for bicyclists, it’s also bad for motorists, as I’ll describe below. Please take action today for a safer Lowry Bridge (detail below)!

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Lowry Avenue Bridge and Franklin Avenue (between 21st and River) to get bike lanes!

Greetings! My name is Matthew Hendricks, and I’m the chair of the Engineering Committee of the Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC). I’m a recent transplant to the Seward neighborhood, and for 7 years prior to moving, my family lived in the Cleveland neighborhood of North Minneapolis. I feel very fortunate to be in Minneapolis, where decades of visionary investment in parks, trails, and bike lanes have created a wonderful place to live and bike. In my spare time I enjoy going to nearby parks with my two kids. I also serve on the boards of the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition and Twin Cities Greenways (www.tcgreenways.org), a group that is promoting a new street-to-park conversion Greenway design that is a hybrid of Milwaukee Avenue and the Midtown Greenway.

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