CM Yang's North Minneapolis Greenway Community Meeting


Thanks to Council Member Blong Yang for hosting a listening session on the temporary North Minneapolis Greenway demonstration segment. CM Yang held his event on Monday, August 1, and several neighbors showed up to provide feedback.

Photo by Northside Greenway Council

Key themes included:

  • 13698274_811994032269190_2300045090636104910_o.jpgConcerns about how quickly snow will be plowed in the alleys, since alleys have traditionally been plowed last.
  • Concerns that people using the street as a place to play should be aware that motor vehicles may still access the space, and a recommendation that signs be posted at the end of each block to make this clear.
  • Concerns about guest parking and hosting large events.
  • Appreciation that the street has been quieter since the changes, with less traffic.
  • Questions about design options that would allow for more on-street parking.

After the event concluded, the Temporary Greenway demonstration continued to be used by several groups of 2-4 neighbors, including youth, parents walking with their children, and families spending a pleasant evening in their front yard.

This block of the test pilot is open to traffic, and roughly 3-4 motor vehicles made use of the street during the two hours from 6:30 - 8:30.


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