City of Minneapolis Accountability Forum

Tuesday, October 11th | 6PM - 7PM
Virtual, via Zoom
Learn about our City projects & hold decision makers accountable

NOTE: This event was postponed to October 11th.

At this forum, our team will share about our ongoing advocacy projects on City street and will invite city leaders and decision makers to publicly commit to making them a reality. We are also calling on the City to adopt a set of benchmarks for projects moving forward. Register for the forum below or click here to register.

Our Streets Minneapolis advocates for better biking, walking, and rolling in Minneapolis. We work with the community to create ideas, organize, make recommendations, and ultimately bring these visions to life. As we advocate for projects, there has been pattern of limited commitments and lack of transparency from decisions. To make meaningful change in our City, we need support and commitment from the leaders who represent us. We are hosting forums as a call to action for decision makers.

Our current City projects:


  • 6:40: Public Works Director
  • 6:50: City Council President
  • 7:00: Closing

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