Charlie Casserly

1. Do you navigate Minneapolis by bicycle, walking, or in a wheelchair? If so, for what purposes (commuting, recreation, errands) and how often? How do you understand the experiences of residents who don't have the option to drive, particularly children, seniors, and people with a disability?

I did navigate by bicycle until June of this year when my 1983 Trek 400 was stolen. For 33 years I used it to commute, ride the lakes, charity rides, bike camping, MS rides, etc. For the first time since I was a boy I don't have a bicycle, and it's awful not to have a backup to my car, so yes, I understand those who don't have the option to drive. Metro Transit is there. 

2. Describe any past work or accomplishments that you have been involved with around the areas of bicycling or walking issues in your community.

For 5 years, I was a 5K race director. I've managed volunteers for charity runs for years. I've done multiple MS rides and rides for other charities. I love bike camping and I can't do it often enough. I used to bike to work, bike to the events I managed as Aquatennial Volunteer Coordinator. I biked to Gophers, Twins and Vikings games, it's a great way to get to big events. 

3. What is your view on people using the trails within the park system for commuting to work, taking children to school, running errands, etc - as opposed to using the park system for exclusively recreational purposes?

People may use park trails for commuting as well as recreation. They are shared resources available to all. 

4. What strategies, if any, will you advance to promote racial equity in Park Board programming?

The new 20-year Neighborhood Parks Plan is a great opportunity to advance racial equity in building and equipment replacement and repairs, as well as programming. 

5. Currently, the Park Board maintains only some trails and sidewalks in the winter time for walking and biking. What changes, if any, would you like to see to winter maintenance of sidewalks and trails in parks?

More trail maintenance would be great, but would we see an increase in participation rates? We likely would, but would it be worth the costs? 

6. Park Board trails have a 10 mile-per-hour speed limit for people biking. The Board discussed potentially eliminating the speed limit in 2015, but decided against a change. What is your position on the bicycle speed limit on Park Board trails?

We need to keep it at 10 MPH in order to keep some semblance of order on the trails. It's true, ticketing bikes for speeding on trails is rare. The current limit is satisfactory. 

7. What do you hope to accomplish to make Minneapolis parks and trails better for bicycling and walking by the end of your term, if you are elected?

New, smoother bike curb ramps from street to trail, all over our bike trail systems. It's happening, but it needs to continue. 


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