Celebrate Improved Park and Portland on Monday

As fall settles in, there are many things to consider as a bicyclists in Minneapolis: dressing for cooler temperatures, getting your bike tuned up after all of your summer cycling, and the celebration of major safety improvements on two busy bicycling corridors: Park and Portland!


  • The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition invites you to bike by Park Avenue & 27th on your way to work, school, or just for fun from 8-9am on Monday, 11/5/2012. 

  • Breakfast goodies will be handed out and you will have a chance to thank some important people and organizations who helped bring about the changes to Park and Portland, including Council Member Robert Lilligren, Council Member Elizabeth Glidden, Hope Community Inc., and Commissioner Peter McLaughlin. 

These elected officials and groups will be on hand to share their reasons for supporting the important safety improvements made to these major thoroughfares. These avenues are now safer not just for bicyclists, but for pedestrians and the community at large.

We recently glimpsed a first look at the new street infrastructure on Park and Portland and we're excited to have some breakfast, share some high fives, and conversation on Monday morning. We look forward to seeing you there!

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