Cedar Lake Trail Will See Minimal Impact from New Development

Representatives from Minneapolis Public Works and Metro Transit were present at the most recent BAC Engineering Subcommittee meeting, discussing a number of projects.  Here is a quick overview of those projects, as well as some highlights from other engineering related updates:

  • Cedar Lake Trail: The Cedar Lake Trail has been in the news lately, because a combination of future high-speed rail platforms and a new development (Dock Street Apartments) could impact the trail.  Specifically, the area on the trail that could be affected by the proposed developments is just south of Washington Avenue. Hennepin County and City staff and elected officials have been working on options that would minimize impacts to the trail. Public Works staff reported that the discussions have been productive, and that a solution that preserves the trail alignment, allows the Dock Street Apartments development to move forward, and leaves space for future rail capacity seems likely.  Members of the engineering committee were excited to hear this news.

  • Maintenance on the Hiawatha Trail: From 15th Avenue South to East 26thStreet, Metro Transit is looking to repair cracks and pavement defects in the Hiawatha LRT trail.  Representatives mentioned that on a national level, maintaining trails is an issue, and they would like to get ahead of the curve. The Subcommittee was asked to come up with the best detour route, which will likely involve Minnehaha Avenue. Expect a 24 hour closure at some point this summer.

  • Maintenance on the Cedar Lake Trail and the Midtown Greenway: A City of Minneapolis Public Works representative updated the subcommittee with projects slated for this summer. Because bike traffic has virtually zero impact on trails, they are spared the wear and tear that breaks down roads and highways.  Nevertheless, exposure to weather and temperature extremes does take a toll over the years, and the City’s goal is to keep trails well-maintained.  The maintenance plan for these trails involves a three-layer system, including a thin layer of asphalt, a layer of sand for friction, and another of asphalt on top to seal and fill gaps. The total thickness of the new layers is roughly ¼ inch.  Expect a 3-5 day rolling closure on the Cedar Lake Trail, the Midtown Greenway, and a few others after the 4th of July and before the 1stof September.

  • Pooling on the Midtown Greenway: Prior to the maintenance project, Public Works staff are planning to address pooling issues on the Greenway.  There are about three places along the Midtown Greenway where large puddles have developed, which are particularly troublesome in winter when ruts of ice form as the puddles freeze and thaw.

  • BAC Recommendations on Washington Avenue Reconstruction: The BAC is encouraging Hennepin County to develop a design for this project that creates a bicycle facility and enhances the sidewalk environment with a separated cycletrack or bike lane, as well as improved sidewalk space and trees.

  • 7 Corners:  Hennepin County is working on a plan to stripe bike lanes between 35 W and Cedar Avenue. The project is scheduled for June.

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