Can You Get Primary Homemaker Benefits After a Bike Crash?

Despite our long, cold winters, bicycling in Minnesota is booming! In fact, Minnesota has one of the largest numbers of bike commuters per capita, more than 120 miles of bike lanes and paths, and the nation’s oldest bike-share program. This eco-friendly, healthy lifestyle adds to our quality of life. Biking is a safe transportation option, and new infrastructure improvements mean biking is getting more comfortable for more folks all the time. Yet, crashes involving people on bikes happen.

What does that mean for you if you are one of the unlucky people biking injured because of a collision with a person driving? While insurance should cover the costs of medical bills and compensate for lost wages, what about other expenses?

For example, if you hurt your back, can you still do the grocery shopping? What about care for your baby or toddler? If your doctor places restrictions on you for weeks or months because of your injury, who will clean your house? Do your laundry? Carpool your kids to soccer practice? Will your spouse or partner be able to take over for you? Or will you need to hire someone to do all those things? If yes, where will the money come for those expenses?

Your Right to Replacement Services & Primary Homemaker Benefits

In Minnesota, no-fault insurance covers medical expenses and wage loss  for those who suffer injuries as a result of a crash. What most people do not know, however, is that injured individuals may also have access to Replacement Services and Primary Homemaker Replacement Services.

  • Replacement services: Should your doctor recommend you not undertake certain physical activities due to your injury, Replacement Services covers the costs to hire someone to perform them for you. For example, this benefit would cover the cost of house cleaning, snow removal, or other house-related work that you would otherwise perform.
  • Primary homemaker benefits: If you are the “primary homemaker” in your household, whether you work outside the home or not, and a doctor recommends that you refrain from performing your normal household duties, the law allows for up to an additional $200.00 per week, depending on the policy language and the facts of your case. This applies even if you do not hire anyone to help.

Do I Need an Attorney to Collect These Benefits?

While you don’t need to hire an attorney to collect these benefits, it can prove helpful, especially at a time when you are both physically and emotionally healing from your ordeal.

An experienced attorney can take on the responsibility of submitting the claim for you. He or she will dedicate themselves to ensuring you receive maximum benefits. Whether yours is a no-fault claim or a claim against an at-fault driver, an attorney can relieve you of the burden of dealing with insurance companies during the claims process.

Minimize Disruption to Your Life

Recovering from injuries you’ve sustained in a bike accident can be a long and arduous journey. The right to Replacement Services and Primary Homemaker Benefits exists to minimize disruption to your life during the healing process while ensuring your spouse, partner, or family do not suffer the loss of your household contributions during that time.

Consulting with a personal injury lawyer is a wise course of action to make sure you’re receiving the benefits to which you and your family are entitled.

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