Business with Best Bike Parking: Rye Deli


I promised a post on a business with exemplary bike parking, so here goes. Rye Deli, thank you.  I’m a vegetarian, so I won’t be able to get much but hummus and beer, but I may come by to park my bike just ’cause your parking options are so great.


You’re probably wondering, what have they done to deserve such praise.


For starters, owner David Weinstein was positively enthusiastic about the idea of adding bike parking.  He signed on to the neighborhood/city/MBC bike rack program without hesitation, adding a rack out front and another out back on the Colfax entrance.  But then he took it a step further.


There’s a little nook off the parking lot, and – this was his idea – he wanted to put in more bike parking.  I suggested he put up a sign letting people know it was there, as it’s totally hidden from the street.


Lovely sign, isn’t it?  Easy to find, easy to lock to, plentiful.


Now, to get those businesses at 48th and Chicago on board, too.

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