Bob Fine

1. Do you navigate Minneapolis by bicycle, walking, or in a wheelchair? If so, for what purposes (commuting, recreation, errands) and how often? How do you understand the experiences of residents who don't have the option to drive, particularly children, seniors, and people with a disability?

Yes. Do use bike trails for recreation in better weather. Do understand those who do not have option to drive as I used to be an avid bicycler for commuting and recreation, before there were bike trails.

2. Describe any past work or accomplishments that you have been involved with around the areas of bicycling or walking issues in your community.

Past accomplishments are many including being the main advocate for the Park Board's successful separation of bike and walking trails along Minnehaha Creek and the bike trails in Wirth. This is besides involvement on all the bike and walking trails throughout my terms.

3. What is your view on people using the trails within the park system for commuting to work, taking children to school, running errands, etc - as opposed to using the park system for exclusively recreational purposes?

Trails were not intended to be limited to exclusively recreational.

4. What strategies, if any, will you advance to promote racial equity in Park Board programming?

Have always been a huge advocate to promote racial equity in Park programming throughout the system. This includes the many programs I have advocated for to have youth involvement and mentors in programming throughout the city. Besides, my background is the longest serving Civil Rights Commissioner in the history of Minneapolis.

5. Currently, the Park Board maintains only some trails and sidewalks in the winter time for walking and biking. What changes, if any, would you like to see to winter maintenance of sidewalks and trails in parks?

Changes to winter maintenance of sidewalks and trails has a major issue with the budget. My major concern has been cuts to the budget for general maintenance. The Park Board must carefully review reinstating cuts to maintenance before additional changes to winter maintenance. Public input should be sought.

6. Park Board trails have a 10 mile-per-hour speed limit for people biking. The Board discussed potentially eliminating the speed limit in 2015, but decided against a change. What is your position on the bicycle speed limit on Park Board trails?

Most bikers exceed this speed limit, so it must be reviewed practically. Public input should be sought before an actual change to the speed limit, especially where it affects pedestrians and bikers.

7. What do you hope to accomplish to make Minneapolis parks and trails better for bicycling and walking by the end of your term, if you are elected?

My advocacy for biking has existed long before serving near two decades on the Park Board and I would hope to review and continually improve, as the Parks cannot sit on their laurels.


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