Biking to Happy Hour through Slushmageddon

Last night, around 40 people headed over through a storm to The Republic to hear new Minneapolis Bike/Ped Coordinator Shaun Murphy’s vision for cycling in Minneapolis.

The bike racks outside The Republic last night

The bike racks in the rain outside The Republic last night.

I was not the only one who ride through the rain to get there, and I saw a few Facebook posts of ice-encrusted bikes from attendees reporting on the ride home.

Ethan introduces the Coalition and Shaun

Ethan Fawley introducing Shaun at The Republic. Photo Credit Paul Smith

After some socializing, Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition president Ethan Fawley introduced Shaun, who then shared his thoughts.  We got a preview of some bike/car crash data analysis and a hint at what might be coming in terms of enforcement in the future.  We also got to see what he thinks works, doesn’t work, and his ideas for what to do in the future – with a clear message that infrastructure that works for heavily laden moms works for everyone.  (Cycle tracks got a mention!)  And then, a few minutes of questions.

Shaun, thanks for coming out! Nicole, thanks for finding us an affordable space, and thanks to The Republic for the free space.  Finally, thanks to all of you who care so much about this stuff they you braved the weather to come out!

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