Bikeways for Everyone Work Group Updates (and how to get involved next month)

The Bikeways for Everyone Work Group meets monthly at the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition office to receive updates, learn about the bikeways for everyone work, and volunteer for multiple initiatives. Last month’s meeting was held on January 21st, so I’m a little slow to share updates, but here’s what we covered during the January meeting:

1. Updates on various protected bike lane projects or possible projects. Like Franklin Ave SE  and Nicollet Mall .

2. We went over the Supporter Survey Results (you may have seen the survey on facebook or in a newsletter) and what that means for our work.

3. We talked about an idea for Bikeways for Everyone Ambassadors or neighborhood outreach volunteers. There are good examples from the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and organizations like Feet First that we’ve been looking into. If you’re interested in helping make something like this happen, email [email protected].

The remainder of the meeting was spent working in sub-groups. For the past few months we have been breaking up into smaller groups to work on key volunteer tasks within those groups. We’re looking for more volunteers for each subgroup (and a group leader for outreach) so even if you can’t attend each meeting you can still work with one of these groups. Here are the basics of each group and what we covered last time:


This group handles the communications volunteer tasks for Bikeways for Everyone. This includes:

  • website

  • blogging

  • social media

  • creating communications materials for projects and educational materials


This group is working on several events that focus on protected bike lanes and the North Minneapolis Greenway. They were responsible for the Riding slushy event at Mill City Market last month. 


The outreach group is working on finding events for tabling and connecting with neighborhood organizations. 

February Meeting

Tuesday, February 18, 2014 6 - 8pm at Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition Office (we normally meet the 3rd Monday of each month but moved this meeting to avoid the holiday)

New to Minneapolis? Haven’t been to a meeting in over a year? Everyone is invited to attend this meeting regardless of previous experience or knowledge of our work! We’ll get you up to speed quickly! If you have any questions about the meeting or how to get involved, feel free to email us at [email protected]. There’s also fantastic new resources on this blog for volunteers- so check those out too! 

In the February meeting we’ll continue the work of the subgroups and hear more updates and other info related to this work. We hope you'll consider joining us!


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