Bikeways for Everyone April meeting

Bikeways for Everyone Meeting

April 15, 2013


1. Introductions: 18 people attended; most are simply looking forward to riding their bikes in better weather. 

2. Review of goal for the campaign: Bikeways for Everyone is a campaign run by the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition to build 30 miles of cycle tracks (protected bikeways) in Minneapolis. The current focus is on Washington Ave. and Minnehaha Ave., which are both scheduled to be repaved. The County is expected to release several options for plans in the near future. Bikeways for Everyone group is working to gather support from local communities and local businesses so that everyone is engaged and ready to act when the plans are released. At that time we will need to mobilize people to attend public meetings and make phone calls in response to the County's plans. 

The Bikeways for Everyone group is working to form partnerships with other organizations who are interested in 30 miles of protected bikeways. Organizations who have expressed support for the Bikeways for Everyone group include Spokes Bike/Walk Connect, Midtown Greenway Coalition, Hope Community, the Sierra Club, NiceRide, Cycles for Change, and Mill City Farmers Market. The Bikeways for Everyone group is continuing to look for more partners of all kinds.  

The Minnehaha public meeting will be coming up soon and we are trying to gain the support of local businesses for the proposed protected bikeway. Unfortunately, some of the businesses recently signed a petition against "bumpouts" being included in the construction. Bumpouts are when the sidewalk is wider at the corner and then sweeps in to normal width for the rest of the block. They are a tool used to calm traffic, increase pedestrian visibility, and allow everyone to see around corners more safely. The businesses are opposed to the costs and construction timeline associated with the bumpouts. The Bikeways for Everyone group hopes to talk with these businesses in the next few weeks to teach them more about how amazing and important protected bikeways are and to seek their support, perhaps in exchange for our support during the construction. 

You can learn more about the Bikeways for Everyone campaign here:

3. Minnehaha and Washington Avenues: These two reconstruction projects remain priorities for the Bikeways for Everyone campaign. Volunteers split into two groups to compose advocacy plans for cycletracks on each of these important corridors. View the fact sheets about Washington Avenue and Minnehaha Avenue

To get involved with these advocacy efforts, join our Google Group:!forum/projects

4. Pop-up cycletracks: Chrissy & Andrew provided a great update on how pop-up cycletracks may be included in the 4 upcoming Open Streets events. To learn more about Open Streets, visit this Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition website here:

We hope to see you at a future Bikeways for Everyone workgroup meeting in the future!

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