Bikes ~ They Aren't Just For City Streets


Happy Halloween Weekend Everyone!


I am sure many of you have plans that involve dressing up, in fact they might even involve dressing up and riding your bicycle.  Do tell…


But if you want to celebrate the best Autumn Bicycling + Halloween has to offer, head on out of the city and enjoy the fun that is Cyclocross.


Cyclocross races have been going on all over the area for the last month or so and there are plenty of opportunities to still get out there and either spectate (one of the best bicycle racing events to be a spectator at) or participate.


We support all types of bicycling ~ so why not treat yourself and get out of town tomorrow for the best race of the year – the Red Barn Cyclocross Classic.


For me Red Barn is a nice opportunity to get out of the city and enjoy the best of what is Autumn and Cycling in Minnesota.  Hope to see you there!  Races start @ 9:30 am.  Schedule located here.

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