Bikes in Schools? Yes!

Members of the BAC subcommittee

But first ...

The BAC subcommittee is proposing the city focuses its attention in four areas in 2012, which will be presented to the full BAC meeting on March 28:

  • Complete streets policy development (Rec. 3.1)

  • Low-volume street to greenway conversion policy (Rec. 3.5

  • Preserving/increasing funding for bicycle infrastructure and programming (Rec.’s 2.2 and 5.8)

  • Open streets event permitting (Rec. 3.9)

These four areas are from the bicycle master plan, and were chosen because the committee feels they can deliver significant outcomes in these areas by the end of 2012.

Biking in our schools?

Sarah Kretman Stewart, a public health official for the city, announced city plans to purchase two bicycle fleets that will be shared among five elementary schools. The pilot project would teach bicycling as part of its physical education curriculum. Expect an official announcement soon, including which schools will take part.

Upcoming police/bicycle training

A member of Bike Walk Twin Cities announced an upcoming training for members of law enforcement. The seminar will teach officers best practices for citations and crash reports that involve bicycles (among other topics), and will be held on May 3 and 4.

The course will be taught by Peter Flucke, a former Minnesota police officer. At present, St. Paul, University of Minnesota, and Three Rivers police departments were confirmed to attend. The subcommittee subsequently passed a resolution in favor of having an officer from each Minneapolis precinct attend.

Food, fashion, fun

Sarah also shared announced a spring event at Venture North, a bike, walk, and coffee business on Glenwood Avenue. This unique store was built to jump-start healthy lifestyles and be an activity hub for North Minneapolis. The event takes place on Saturday March 24, from 11 a.m-2 p.m. Alicia Adams has all the details: 612-377-3029.

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