Bike-Friendly Streets Committee Notes

Our Bike-Friendly Projects Committee volunteers work to build support for infrastructure improvements that make it easier, safer and more enjoyable to bicycle in Minneapolis. We meet the third Monday of each month from 6:30-8:30pm. Here is a recap last night’s meeting.

Specific Projects Updates

  • Washington Avenue: We are making great progress in building support for cycletracks on Washington Avenue, thanks to the work of our volunteers who collected over 500 letters in support of a protected bicycle facility for this critical connection to downtown. On December 4, Hennepin County hosted a public meeting to review draft redesign concepts. There will be more public meetings in January 2013. The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition will send out additional information as it becomes available.

  • Repaving Projects: We reviewed the list of 2013 repaving projects. You can learn more by reading this blog post.

  • Franklin Avenue: Information was shared about the work that NACDI is doing on a portion of Franklin Avenue. Over the next year NACDI will be planning and implementing a visitor gateway and public arts market for the American Indian Cultural Corridor at the Hiawatha LRT Franklin Light Rail Station area. If you are interested in this work, you can learn more here.

  • Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition Candidate Survey: A survey will be created for candidates in the next round of municipal elections in Minneapolis. Do you know of great examples of candidate surveys created by other bicycling organizations? Send them along to [email protected]. Attend the January 28, 2013 Bike-Friendly Streets Committee meeting to help work on the survey!

  • Updates were given on the following items: Street-to-greenway conversions, zoning code amendments, Marshall Street NE, and Complete Streets Policy.

Winning Campaigns Planning

Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition will be participating in a special “Winning Campaigns” training from the Alliance for Biking & Walkingfrom February 1 – 3, 2013! The Alliance’s Winning Campaigns Training is designed for anyone who wants to make his or her community a better place to bike and walk. This action-oriented workshop gives novice and veteran advocates the tools to create and manage powerful campaigns to increase biking and walking in their communities.  The focus of this training will be cycletracks.

The focus of the discussion during last night’s meeting was the Community Forum which will take place on Saturday, February 2, 2013. The Community Forum is an event for stakeholders to learn more about the goals and work of the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition in 2013. The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition is currently finalizing details for this event.

A list of stakeholders to invite to the Community Forum is being compiled now – if you are knowledgeable about groups/organizations who might be interested in attending the Community Forum, please contact [email protected].

Meeting Logistics

Name & Meeting Location: The group discussed a potential change of name and meeting location. A Minneapolis Parks Recreation Center is one potential meeting spot for the future. Check the “Events” Page of the website for information:

Policy & Projects Combined: From now on, policy will be interwoven into the Projects discussion.

Blogging:  The committee is looking for additional bloggers. The group confirmed that all blog posts should be listed on the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition’s Facebook page. If you are interested in writing blog posts for the committee, please contact [email protected]

Final reminder: You can offer your volunteer interest via this easy form. If you have volunteer-related questions, contact [email protected]. Let us know if you have any specific interests.

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