Bike-Friendly Streets Committee Notes


Minneapolis Bike Coalition

January Projects Meeting

January 28, 2013

6:30 - 8:30 pm

Bryant Square Park

First, we discussed how the Alliance for Biking and Walking (a national organization) will be here this weekend for a training on how to launch and run a successful advocacy campaign. We plan to use this time to develop a cycletrack campaign.

Possible goals for cycletracks in Minneapolis:

  • help all kinds of people feel comfortable cycling

  • connect Grand Rounds and other multi-use pathways to each other and to street routes

  • cycletracks should be located in places where they are needed and NOT in places where they are not needed; focus on areas that are lacking in biking infrastructure

  • cycletracks are needed in various neighborhoods throughout the city

  • a higher percentage of trips should be made on bikes

  • more cyclists on the road would lead to safety in numbers

  • engage allies and partners in cycling advocacy

  • redesign street to improve it not only for cyclists but for businesses and pedestrian, i.e. slower traffic, people stop in stores

  • cycletracks could help with the Downtown 2025 vision

Ideas on how we could message the cycletrack campaign:

  • need public education and visuals- teach people what a cycletrack is and how to use them safely

  • intersections will need to be changed- major danger sites

  • messaging about riding bikes all year round—currently we rely heavily on paint which is hidden in the winter

  • make it clear that improved streets are not only for cyclists—also better for pedestrians, families, store owners, etc.

Next, we discussed how the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition calendar should have all kinds of cycling events on it, from bike related happy hours to alley cat races.

Third, we decided on some policy goals for 2013. These goals include:

  • locking in ongoing support for Open Streets

  • working on the Complete Streets policy

  • Street-to-Greenway conversion policy

  • pushing adoption of a citywide cycletrack and greenway network map

  • working to have the City of Minneapolis adopt specific guidelines for practical and safe bike racks

  • working on zoning and parking issues around the U of M. 

Finally, we brainstormed questions for candidate questionnaires for the upcoming municipal, mayoral, and park board elections. 

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