Bicycling as an Extreme Sport

The Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota is hosting a showing Thursday of “Bicycle Dreams”, a documentary about the 2007 Race Across America.

I bicycle to get around town; Sometime I tour and go 50-80 miles a day. These riders are going 400+ miles for some 10 days. This isn’t my idea of bicycling. It just doesn’t seem fun.

When I saw the movie a couple of years ago it was with odd fascination. This isn’t about bicycling so much as about self-abusive achievements. There are scenes in which the riders are so delirious they can’t stand and don’t seem to really know what’s going on any more, yet are sent back out to ride some more. Every few year a rider is killed during the race and one death occurred during filming of this movie.

Still, the movie is becoming part of cycling lore and culture and may be worth a look.

Here’s the Bicycle Alliance page wherein is a link to buy tickets (I expect you could just show up and by a ticket too);

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