Bicycle Advisory Committee Resolutions-April 2012

Last week, the full Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) met and passed the following resolutions:

  • The BAC supports the Minneapolis portion of the Three Rivers Park District’s Intercity Regional Trail Master Plan provided that: the preferred cross-sections for Cedar Ave and 58th Street are utilized; the shared trail is increased from 10-12 feet where a separate trail and walk are not provided; a realigned entrance to Old Cedar Ave is provided to calm traffic; and where possible a buffer is provided between Old Cedar Ave and the trail from the 5-8 Club to the Bloomington Ave Bridge. For more, check out Adam’s recent blog post.

  • The BAC supports encroachment permits for the ZAP Twin Cities Program: The Transportation Management Organization–an agency that works with downtown employers to promote sustainable commuting options–has received grant funding to implement an innovative program called ZAP in partnership with Dero Bike Rack Company. ZAP will aids in bike counts and enable employers to provide robust incentives to employees for bicycling to work. Unfortunately, there have been some hurdles to installing 9 ZAP counters around the city. This resolution supports a permitting process that would remove these barriers.

  • The BAC applauds Target, Brookfield, and Lunds for the awesome bicycle facilities they are planning to install at their downtown locations.Target, for example, is planning to install 150 new indoor bike lockers.

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