Be a 2019 Bicycle Connector!

Would you like to connect more folks in your community with resources and support to bike for transportation? Apply to be a Bicycle Connector! 

The Bicycle Connector program at Our Streets Minneapolis is an initiative where we partner with local organizations to help folks who belong to underrepresented communities overcome barriers to biking. We do this because we know the streets in our city aren't spaces that are comfortable for everyone. Different communities have different barriers to biking. And we know folks who are already working in a community are the best ones to help their peers overcome those barriers.

2018 Bicycle Connectors riders riding bikes downtown Minneapolis

In our second year of Bicycle Connectors we're looking to partner with 5-10 Minneapolis based organizations to decrease barriers to bicycle access, knowledge, and resources for folks who are Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and/or people of color who also identify as femme, trans, women, and/or non-binary. 

Bicycle Connectors will work to promote bicycling to people in their community while supporting individual community members in overcoming their personal barriers to bicycling. Our Streets Minneapolis will support partner organizations with ideas, implementation support, and financial resources up to $15,000. 

Apply to be a Bicycle Connector by filling out this google form. Deadline extension: applications are due Friday, March 8th.  

Click here to check out examples from last year's Bicycle Connectors partners for inspiration.

Feel free to reach out to Cindy, the Bicycle Encouragement and Volunteer Coordinator at Our Streets Minneapolis with any questions. Cindy can be reached at [email protected] or (651) 447-8696. 

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