BAC Wants to Make Sure Park & Portland Lanes Are Done Right

Left: Example of County design;  Right: Example of BAC proposed idea

At their September meeting, the Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee took steps to advocate for the Park & Portland Ave redesign to be as safe as possible for bikers.

Following recommendations by the Engineering Subcommittee, the BAC wants Hennepin County to reconsider how they will configure the lanes near the intersections by Lake St.   As of now, the County is proposing that the bike lanes will be dashed upon approaches to these intersections to allow for cars to make right turns across the lanes.

However, members of the BAC expressed concern that, by this design, cars would begin queuing in the bike lanes during rush hour.  Committee member Robin Garwood suggested that there should be a right-turn lane to the right of the bike lane, and to allow for cars to pass through the bike lane well ahead of the intersection in order to avoid obstructions.  Robin’s idea was supported by other members of the committee and the resolution was passed.

In related actions, the BAC formally supports the County plan to add a stoplight where Park Ave intersections with the Greenway ramp.

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