A New Era for Bike Parking

I got a "Hooray!" note about a meter hitch rack that was installed yesterday.  

Jim works near the Grain/Flour Exchange and stepped forward to sponsor this post.  He kept an eye on it for the 6 weeks it took to get installed, confirming that it was still on track.  When it arrived, he sent a picture of the first user.  

It's a great excuse to announce the news that the program is getting a welcome update:  the City of Minneapolis is integrating it into their standard bike parking program!

For the whole story, about a year and a half ago, the City of Minneapolis partnered with the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition on a new bike rack cost-share program installing secure hoops on the new parking meter posts. Dero helped out by facilitating receipt of rack sponsorships.

As Susan aptly illustrated, these new posts are now legal but not secure places to lock – unless they have a hoop to attach to. Since then we have seen 148 requests from dozens of sponsors. 

Given the broad acceptance of this partnership and the demand for the new rack style, the City is now wrapping this type of hitch into their standard Bicycle Rack Cost Share Program. In the future, all bike parking requests go through the same process. Bike riders, please keep asking businesses to install bike parking – and direct them to the City!

The Coalition thanks the City of Minneapolis for partnering on this innovative effort, and applauds the City on making it a permanent offering through the Cost Share program.

Thank you!

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