Hennepin Ave S Reconstruction

Hennepin Ave S will be reconstructed in 2026. We're organizing to ensure that people biking, walking, and rolling are prioritized in the design.  

Reconstruction returns to council.

On December 7, 2021 the Minneapolis Public Works Department released their recommended layout for the Hennepin Avenue South reconstruction project from Lake Street to Douglas Avenue (construction will begin in 2024). The design includes car traffic lanes in both directions with additional dedicated left-turn lanes, full-time dedicated bus lanes, wider sidewalks, a protected bikeway, improved crosswalks, a planted center median, and more. This design would make Hennepin Avenue S comfortable and accessible for all users.

After months of delay, Public Works is finally bringing forward the final layout for approval by the Minneapolis City Council. Unfortunately the original plan has been changed and 24/7 bus lanes will no longer be included when the new street opens in 2026. 

Public Works may claim that this layout is the same as the original plan, however that is not true. The current plan would delay the implementation of 24/7 bus lanes until an unspecified date in the future. There is no accountability and no reason to believe that this will happen anytime soon. This is unacceptable. These bus lanes are urgently needed for the thousands who depend on transit to access their daily needs. 24/7 bus lanes must be included on day 1 of the project's opening.

It has been revealed that research supporting dedicated bus lanes has been withheld during City Council meetings. This represents a clear lack of transparency and accountability from the Public Works Director and Mayor. The need for 24/7 lanes should not be undermined.

The Minneapolis City Council passed a layout amendment to include 24/7 Bus Lanes on Day 1, but Mayor Frey vetoed the action. City Council did not override the veto despite a majority of council members voting to do so. The Hennepin Ave S reconstruction now returns to committee for review. Disappointingly, Councilmembers Chughtai and Johnson moved forward with a compromise that would delays 24/7 bus lanes for several years.

This compromise is at the expense of people who rely on transit the most. While this is a setback, we will continue organizing for improvements on Hennepin as the project continues.

Other ways to support putting people first on Hennepin Ave S:

Read the letter from Minnesota Senators and Legislators

Click here to read the letter

Inviting Mayor Frey and the Metropolitan Council to talk to transit riders

With 24/7 bus lanes removed from the Hennepin Ave S design, transit riders will be left behind. Agencies including Metro Transit, the Metropolitan Council, and the City have described the importance of these lanes in meeting our climate and equity goals. We're invited key decision makers to canvass with us and hear directly from the people most impacted by this project. 

Click here to read the letter to the Mayor
Click here to read the letter to Metropolitan Council members

Letter of support for Hennepin Ave S reconstruction from Pueblos de Lucha y Esperanza.

Click here to read the letter

Contact your Representatives: Our Streets Minneapolis is working with Hennepin for People to put people first on Hennepin Avenue S. Learn more about Hennepin for People on their website here.

Find contact information below. This table is best viewed on desktops and larger screens.

Title Name phone email
Mayor Jacob Frey 612-673-2100 [email protected]
Mayor Chief of Staff Mychal Vlatkovich 612-673-3665  
Director of Strategic Partnerships | Affordable Housing Andrea Inouye 612-673-2984  
Senior Policy Aide Becky Boland 612-673-2100  
Public Safety Jared Jeffries 612-368-0552  
Director of Policy and Government Affairs Peter Ebnet 612-673-2156  
Director of Economic Development & Policy Inclusion Rebecca Fabunmi 612-673-3711  
Communications Director Tara Niebeling 612-673-3825  
Office Associate Tou Tou Khamsot 612-673-3477  
Press Secretary Katie Lauer 612-673-2100  
Council Member Elliott Payne 612-673-2201 [email protected]
Ward 1 Policy Aide Benjamin Carrier 612-673-2003 [email protected]
Ward 1 Policy Aide Liam Davis Temple 612-673-7920 [email protected]
Council Member Robin Wonsley 612-673-2202 [email protected]
Ward 2 Policy Aide Qannani Omar 612-673-7142 [email protected]
Ward 2 Policy Aide Celeste Robinson 612-673-3654 [email protected]
Council Member Michael Rainville 612-673-2203 [email protected]
Ward 3 Policy Aide Ryan San Cartier 612-673-3142 [email protected]
Ward 3 Policy Aide Henry Jarvinen 612-673-3126 [email protected]
Council Member Latrisha Vetaw 612-673-2204 [email protected]
Ward 4 Policy Aide Betsy Brock 612-673-3313 [email protected]
Ward 4 Policy Aide Maggie Kohl 612-673-7930 [email protected]
Council Member Jeremiah Ellison 612-673-2205 [email protected]
Ward 5 Policy Aide Dieu Do 612-673-3198 [email protected]
Ward 5 Policy Aide Bethany Turnwall 612-673-7140 [email protected]
Council Member Jamal Osman 612-673-2206 [email protected]
Ward 6 Policy Aide Sean Broom 612-673-3315 [email protected]
Ward 6 Policy Aide Hamdiya Abdulahi 612-673-7139 [email protected]
Council Member Lisa Goodman 612-673-2207 [email protected]
Ward 7 Policy Aide Patrick Sadler 612-673-3195 [email protected]
Ward 7 Policy Aide Zach Schultz 612-673-7144 [email protected]
Council Member Andrea Jenkins 612-673-2208 [email protected]
Ward 8 Policy Aide Deebaa Sirdar 612-673-3569 [email protected]
Ward 8 Policy Aide Zoe Bourgerie 612-673-7144 [email protected]
Council Member Jason Chavez 612-673-2209 [email protected]
Ward 9 Policy Aide Zaynab Mohamed 612-673-7196 [email protected]
Ward 9 Policy Aide Aurin Chowdhury 612-673-7145 [email protected]
Council Member Aisha Chughtai 612-673-2210 [email protected]
Ward 10 Policy Aide LyLy Vang Yang 612-673-3197 [email protected]
Ward 10 Policy Aide Yasmin Hirsi 612-673-7169 [email protected]
Council Member Emily Koski 612-673-2211 [email protected]
Ward 11 Policy Aide Melissa Hill 612-673-3314 [email protected]
Ward 11 Policy Aide Corinne Horowitz 612-673-7143 [email protected]
Council Member Andrew Johnson 612-673-2212 [email protected]
Ward 12 Policy Aide Kate Nelson 612-673-2378 [email protected]
Ward 12 Policy Aide Dylan Kesti 612-673-7138 [email protected]
Council Member Linea Palmisano 612-673-2213 [email protected]
Ward 13 Policy Aide John Freude 612-673-3199 [email protected]
Ward 13 Policy Aide Ruth Olson 612-673-7147 [email protected]
Public Works Director Margaret Anderson Kelliher   [email protected]
Deputy Director and City Engineer Bryan Dodds 612-673-3061 [email protected]
Transportation Planning Manager Nathan Koster 612-246-0220 [email protected]
Transportation Planning Manager Kathleen Mayell 612-419-9835 [email protected]
Transportation Planning Director Jenifer Hager 612-673-3625 [email protected]


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