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  • Word on the Streets

    Take Action: Restore the Whittier Lyndale Bikeway Timeline

    In past years, Our Streets Minneapolis has advocated for and organized communities in support of the Whittier Lyndale Bikeway. The City of Minneapolis went through with planning a protected, two-way bikeway between Downtown and 40th Avenue S on 1st Avenue and Blaisdell Avenue. Construction was due to be completed this Summer/Fall, but Public Works recently pushed the timeline back to 2022. Public Works has also delayed the planned reconstruction of 1st Avenue S from 2023/2024 to potentially as late as 2026. It is not acceptable to delay the implementation of this project. Here's why this change matters and what you can do to help restore the project:

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    Announcing the Rethinking I-94 project.

    Our Streets Minneapolis is thrilled to welcome Alex Burns to the team to lead the Rethinking I-94 campaign. 

    Alex will be helping lead a community-centered campaign to put people first in Minnesota Department of Transportation’s Rethinking I-94 project. This project will determine the future of the I-94 highway corridor between downtown Minneapolis and downtown Saint Paul. The construction of I-94 was devastating for communities along the corridor and the highway’s harms are ongoing. Urban highways lie at the foundation of an auto-centric transportation system that divides neighborhoods, pollutes communities and destroys our climate. Today, transportation is Minnesota’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. If we want to truly build a sustainable transportation system that works for everyone, we must move beyond urban highways like I-94.

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