9/15/2015 BAC Engineering Subcommittee

The Bicycle Advisory Committee’s Engineering Subcommittee meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month, 4:00-6:00 p.m. at the Colonial Warehouse Building, 212 3rd Ave N, Suite 404. These meetings are open to the public. If you will be attending the meeting or if you have questions you may want to contact the Subcommittee Chair, Ciara Schlichting ([email protected]). There is also a mailing list Ciara can put you on which sends out the monthly agenda and a meeting reminder.

Next month’s Engineering Subcommittee meets Tuesday, October 20th.

This month’s agenda

  1. 46th Avenue S from 46th Street E to Godfrey Parkway, Forrest Hardy
  2. West Lake Multimodal Transportation Study, Nathan Koster
  3. SWLRT Station Area Plans: Penn and Van White, Simon Blenski on behalf of Paul Miller
  4. Minnehaha Parkway Trail Improvements, Jon Duesman
  5. William Berry Parkway Trail Improvement, Jon Duesman

46th Ave S from Godfrey Pkwy to 46th St E

Although this stretch is not on the bike plan south of 46th St, but the City would like to be proactive and fill this gap in the bike system. This is a stretch of historic road with 100 year old burr oaks, and historic pavers. There was discussion on how to make the historic road mesh with bike needs.

Motion to support the preliminary concept plan with an emphasis on striping the bike lanes with the project now, with the staff exploring reusing the pavers somehow: Supported

West Lake Multimodal Transportation Study

This study further refines improvements to the SW LRT plan, identifying 50 different spots in the 30% design. We reviewed a few of these spots, and saw recommendations for bicycle roundabouts, sharrows, short counter-flow lanes, raised intersections in between trails, and rumble strips for cyclists and painted crosswalks at stations.

October 7th- Community engagement on these improvements will take place at the Jones Harrison Residence community room.

Minnehaha Parkway Trail Improvements

An update to the discussion last month, 2017 funds will be focused on a multi-use path on the west side of the Lyndale Ave intersection. At the intersection there is a plan for better ped ramps, and a push button for the crossing.

TBD date in mid-october- Community engagement

William Berry Parkway Trail Improvement

Plans are to simplify this area for bikes and pedestrians using the trails by realigning the bicycle trail with Richfield Rd to alleviate congestion of runners in the bicycle intersection crossing.

SW LRT Station Area Plans: Penn and Van White Stations

Discussion around Penn Station at the Cedar Lake trail centered around the Z crossing. The “Z” is designed so that bikes using the trail only have to focus on one rail crossing (LRT or heavy rail) at a time. The Z also provides room for bikes to queue if both rails are occupied at the same time and bikes are in between.

Discussion around the Van White Station near Dunwoody College centered around how to mix bike and pedestrian traffic, similar to how bikes and pedestrians have to interact near the Franklin Station of the Green Line. There is the option to take the Cedar Lake Trail under Van White, avoiding the station. For the bike riders who choose to ride to/through the station area, there was discussion on how to calm bike traffic to make a comfortable transit platform for pedestrians.

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