7/22/2015 Minneapolis BAC Meeting


7/22/2015 Minneapolis BAC Meeting, 4-6pm

1. Member sign-in and Introductions

2. Approve BAC Agenda and Minutes

3. Discussion from Bike Friendly Communities Visit from the League of American Bicyclists (Nick Mason)

Steve Clark from Bike Friendly Communities came to visit Minneapolis Friday, July 17, and had three recommendations for the city:

  • Continue to expand the bike network and increase network connectivity through the use of bike lanes, protected bike lanes, bicycle boulevards, and way-finding signage.

  • Expand evaluation of bicycle crash statistics and produce a specific plan to reduce the number of crashes.

  • Market/brand Minneapolis as the Bicycling Haven that it has become "The winter bicycle capital of the world."

4. 5E’s Subcommittee Report (Matthew Dyrdahl)

  • Bicycle Friendly Community Application: Members of the 5E Subcommittee were looking for input from the full BAC on open-ended questions from the Bicycle-Friendly Communities Application. The application is due August 12.

  • Winter Maintenance Study: A study will be conducted from August 1 to May 31 on winter maintenance, exploring how other cities and entities do and evaluate winter maintenance for people on bikes and pedestrians. The Committee discussed ways to leverage volunteer to report on how well facilities are cleared during this winter. The objective of the study will be to impact the way that the city does snow removal.

  • Complete Streets Update: The Complete Streets Stakeholder Advisory Group met recently. Matthew Dyrdahl reported that the Complete Streets policy is moving in a positive direction, and is looking to distill lots of voices to find clarifying language that will lay out a different vision for the way that the city of Minneapolis designs and maintains streets.

  • Other Items: Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee requests that the city follow up to make sure construction zone detours for bicycles and pedestrians meet city guidelines.

5. Engineering Subcommittee Report (Ciara Schlichting)

  • Olson Memorial Highway: The Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee supports separation of pedestrian space and protected bikeway from 7th to Theodore Wirth Parkway.

  • Queen Avenue: The Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee does not support the Queen Avenue North Bicycle boulevard as an alternative to Penn Avenue North.

  • Hiawatha Avenue & 28th Street E Bicycle Signal: The Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee supports the Hiawatha Avenue & 28th Street E Bicycle Signal. However, to enhance accessibility and to mitigate confusion with pedestrian button, the Committee recommends having the bicycle button be on its own post or have in-ground detection. Amended to include encouragement for similar signal on Hiawatha Avenue & 26th Street E.

  • Wayzata Boulevard N/S and Cedar Lake Road S: The Minneapolis Bicycle  Advisory Committee supports the plan for Wayzata Boulevard N/S and Cedar Lake Road S improvements as presented.

  • Broadway Street NE: The Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee supports the plan for Broadway Street NE project as presented. This includes a bicycle/pedestrian track on the south side of the street between Stinson and Industrial Boulevard.

  • Southwest LRT Bikeway: The Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee recommends that Minneapolis Public Works ensure that freight trains waiting to access the BNSF Raolroad from the TCNW spur do not block the trail crossing. Amended to recommend accommodation of queuing space for northbound traffic on the Cedar Lake Trail across the tracks.

  • 21st Avenue S: The Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee supports the layout as presented (bike lane on west side and sharrow on east side between 28th St and 29th, two full bike lanes between 29th St and Lake St, and bike boulevard between Lake St and 31st St) and encourages staff to explore a connection to 32nd to provide the full connection to South High School.


Next BAC Meetings:

  • Thursday, August 13: 5E’s Subcommittee
  • Tuesday, August 18: Engineering Subcommittee
  • Wednesday, August 19: Executive Committee
  • Wednesday, August 26: Whole Committee


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