5 easy ways you can help with Minneapolis Bike Week

Minneapolis Bike Week is here! Help us reach and inspire new people to try biking. Nearly everyone who starts biking has a person who helped inspire and educate them. 
Here are a top 5 list of things you can do to help inspire new riders during Bike Week: 
1. Be a Bike Buddy! Help a friend, family member, or co-worker bike in a way they haven't before. Meet up at their house and help them get their bike ready and ride with them. Or host a Bike to Work Day ride at your office on Friday. Or have your family try riding to Sunday brunch. Whatever. Bonus! If you sign up as a Bike Buddy, you are entered in for a chance to win more than $500 in prizes. 
2. Invite your friends to Bike Week events. Help us reach beyond regular bicyclists by inviting your Facebook Friends (or email your friends) to Bike Week events--and not just your biking friends. Here are the biggest Bike Week Facebook events (in order of priority for you to invite your friends):
3. Talk about biking and Bike Week. Help us create buzz and motivation by telling your personal biking story or why you bike. Share your biking stories during the week (#MplsBikeWeek). Share Bike Week events you are going to.
4. Ride! Come to Bike Week events, ride to where ever, challenge yourself to ride in ways you haven't before as well. The biggest happenings are Friday's Bike to Work Day. Join a morning ride to downtown with your elected officials (map of options will be up soon) and join the post-work bike ice cream social at Gold Medal Park starting at 4:30pm with rides heading out to different parts of the city.
5. Organize your own Bike Week rideThis year, you can easily add your own Bike Week event to add to the excitement. We are especially looking for people to host rides from Gold Medal Park on Friday after work. And don't forget to share with your network.
Thanks for helping!

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