25th/26th S-Curve Meeting Tonight

There’s a community meeting this evening, September 19th, at 7pm at the Augsburg College Oren Gateway Center, about the proposal to add bike lanes to 25th and 26th Avenues between Riverside and Franklin.  If you ride this route, or currently avoid it because it’s not very pleasant, please consider attending.


Draft plans and background below the fold.


This is another of those bridge-collapse projects.  The City repaved the “S-curve” where 26th turns into 25th earlier this year.  At that time, the Seward Neighborhood Group and Seward Redesign asked the City to install bike lanes on that portion.  Public Works staff delayed restriping it so they could come up with a couple of draft layouts:



These roads are on the City’s Bike Plan map.  The proposed facility would connect the County’s new bike lanes on 26th from the Greenway to Franklin all the way up to Riverside.  Unfortunately, this project will also require removing about eight parking spaces, all between Butler and Riverside.  Seven of those are on the west (Augsburg) side of the road, and one is on the east side.  Augsburg College has discussed the idea internally, and they are comfortable with the change.


This is a good opportunity in an area with a bike-friendly Council Member.  It would be great to have some bicyclists in the room tonight.

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