Take a few minutes to fill out our 2017 Priorities Survey!

infra3.png2016 is coming to an end in just a few weeks, which means we are looking ahead to our work for 2017! Now, we need your help in guiding our work and where we should be spending our time and energy. We want YOUR feedback!

It's hard to believe, but this whirlwind of a year is almost over. As we reflect on the year and all of the work we've done, we are also actively looking at our next steps and what our future work will look like. Right now, we have a massive list of all our priorities that we would like to see completed. While we would LOVE to see every single project worked on, we know that we can't be in every place at once.


This is where you come in! As supporters of the Coalition, we are asking for your feedback on our priorities and help in guiding the direction of our work. We want to hear what you are most interested in seeing happen and where you think our energy should be invested! We have designed a survey that gives you the opportunity to voice your opinion on our priorities and would appreciate if you could take some time to complete it (it should take about 15 minutes). You are welcome to fill out as many or as few sections you would like. 

We have work in all areas of Minneapolis: North, Northeast, U of M, Downtown, South, and Southwest. Whether you live in or just ride through one (or all) or these areas, your opinion matters to us. Our goal is to make Minneapolis a bike-and-walk-friendly city for all, and we need your help in accomplishing this!

Ready to get started? Here is the link to the survey. 

Thank you for all of your dedication to our work!

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