Southside Greenway


Project: Southside Greenway

10th, 11th, or 12th Ave - Downtown to Richfield

The Southside Greenway project is looking into community support for a safe and inviting route which would connect 12 parks in Downtown and South Minneapolis, using the concept of a "greenway," where cars are not the number one priority. The concept of a "full greenway" converts a residential street to a neighborhood park. This project is in the early planning and surveying stage, and an exact route has not yet been selected by the community.



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Word_cloud.JPGThe Southside Greenway Council met on Monday, February 27 to discuss the next steps of the Southside Greenway project. The meeting was hosted by a resident on the route and there was lots of good conversation among the community members who attended. 

southside_greenway_logo.jpgHave you heard the news? This past year, community partners have been working on the possibility of a Southside Greenway that would create a north-south connection through South Minneapolis. The Greenway would hope to feature bike boulevards, protected bikeways, partial greenways, and full greenways! This community led project has quarterly meetings and the most recent one took place last Wednesday. The Southside Greenway Exploratory Committee met on July 20
th to discuss plans for upcoming community engagement events and for a tour of part of the proposed Greenway route.

NMpls Greenway.jpgFor the past few months a local group of community stakeholders, nonprofits, and neighborhood organizations have been discussing the possibility of creating a north-south Greenway through Minneapolis linking Downtown to the Midtown Greenway and deep into South Minneapolis. Today we are one tiny step closer to making that vision a reality!


Another Greenway may seem like a dream, however we have taken one step towards exploring this concept. As a result of some grant funding the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition has received from the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), we are forming the Southside Greenway Exploratory Committee, which held its first meeting on Monday the 29th of June.

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