Project: 29th Ave Closure at Midtown Greenway


Location: 29th Avenue at Midtown Greenway


  29th and Greenway

Photo by Joshua Houdek

City plans designate 29th Avenue as both a bicycle boulevard and a safe route for Seward students biking or walking to school. Traffic counts taken during the trial closure showed a reduction in traffic around the greenway as well as a few blocks away near the school, transportation planner Forrest Hardy told the committee.

The permanent closure involves installing low barriers both north and south of the greenway, with enough space on either side for bicycles to pass through. The barriers would be low enough to the ground that emergency vehicles could cross over them.


Seward_Montesori_Sharks_-_29th_Ave_win.jpgI’m pleased to report that the City of Minneapolis has decided to close 29th Avenue at the Midtown Greenway for good. The community has been enjoying the safety benefits of a test closure for almost two years. On the morning of January 31, a group of students, parents, and local residents from various blocks of 29th Avenue attended the City’s Transportation and Public Works committee to watch the discussion. After the committee voted to approve staff’s recommendation to keep 29th Avenue closed, the delegation from Seward applauded staff and council members.

After a test closure of 29th Avenue at the Midtown Greenway that has been in place for a year, the City of Minneapolis is proposing to turn the closure into a ‘half closure’ on a long-term basis. The City’s proposal is to open 29th Avenue to northbound traffic, bringing more traffic back to a key route for people biking and walking to Seward Montessori School.

29th01.jpgPhoto: Seward students at the 29th Avenue closure, photo by Lisa Herr

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