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The City is looking to rebuild Hennepin Avenue in the heart of downtown in 2020. They will be starting community engagement about what that will look like very soon.

Discussions will certainly include the potential for a protected bikeway (which would be coupled with taking out the one on 1st Avenue). We are interested in how we can support a truly great Hennepin.



Only a few new projects came before the Subcommittee this month, but all quite impactful. The Emerson/Fremont Ave Project was looked at and supported again. There is now a detailed layout available on the project website of what the bikeway and pedestrian improvements will look like. It is unclear what sort of turn staging elements (e.g., bike boxes) will be included for bike traffic at intersections, they will be important to include in order to establish a safe flow of traffic. The Subcommittee discussed several intersection design possibilities and requested that curb stops be added in the buffer space where feasible. However, there is limited room in the project budget for additions. Continue on to see new projects discussed this month.

I'm guessing you probably don't think much about the width of car lanes. I can't blame you--they are just there. But right-sizing car lane widths is the cheapest and easiest way for us to improve walking, biking, and greening in our city. Here are a few details on how narrower lanes can be valuable and examples from 8th Street to Washington Ave where we can put this to use now. 

There is an important public meeting about Hennepin Avenue on April 25. Please come and share your thoughts! We hope to see protected bike lanes as well as improvements for walking. Here's a look at the draft concept the City will be sharing Monday--it includes protected bike lanes!--and some thoughts on how details really matter for Hennepin. 

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The City of Minneapolis is redoing Hennepin Avenue through downtown. The street will be entirely removed and rebuilt. This presents the opportunity to totally change the street. We could make the sidewalks more pleasant, improve bus shelters, make dedicated spaces for people riding bikes and more.

The City is asking, ”What is important to you?”

This is a big question, so as a Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition volunteer, I put together a survey that I believe to be easier to answer.  

The first public meeting about the 2020 reconstruction of Hennepin Avenue happened yesterday, Wednesday, February 17th. The meeting was a presentation by Public Works and welcomed questions, concerns, and opinions from the public on the upcoming project. There were 30 to 40 attendees at the 4pm presentation (there was a repeat presentation at 5pm).

The first public meeting on the reconstruction of Hennepin Avenue in downtown is Wednesday, February 17 (details below). We hope to see a more lovable Hennepin and hope it will include protected bikeways. Here's 5 reasons why we think protected bikeways make sense on Hennepin downtown.

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Our chance to make Hennepin Avenue lovable is coming.

I love living on “Hennepin Avenue,” a Minneapolis landmark so important I need say no more. Everyone has attended a show at one of its grand historic theaters. Or waited for a bus there. Or done the company/birthday dinner at Fogo de Chao. Or attended MCTC. Or visited the Central Library. Or walked across it to get to a Twins game, First Avenue, or the Fed. Or my favorite, attended the Pride Parade–the one day a year it’s a street for people.

2aaf7ea8b7d86627aec0f9462d0ac343.jpgThe final public meeting for the design of the Hennepin-Lyndale project is:

Tuesday, Feburary 10, 2015

Walker Art Center
Skyline Room
1750 Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN

6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.--come anytime for open house format

Details will be available on the proposed layout for the sidewalks, bikeways, and greenspace. The street layout was approved in September. Unfortunately, the details that will be presented are not yet available, so we can't share them.


Note: This action alert has passed. We were successful! You can send a thank you to this same list. Council Members Lisa Goodman and Lisa Bender were the primary leaders on this and especially deserve our thanks.

Misinformed opponents want to delay action on the Hennepin-Lyndale design in hopes of more traffic lanes at the expense of everything else.

No matter where you live in the City, if you see this before 10:00am Tuesday, September 9, please send an email in support. We don't want this project delayed or potentially derailed because of this. The Transportation and Public Works Committee will vote on this shortly after that. 

At its meeting Tuesday the Engineering Subcommittee of the Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) heard plans for the Hennepin Lyndale Bottleneck and the Nicollet Mall Redesign, two street makeovers that are seeing minor bicycle facility improvements.

Hennepin Lyndale Bottleneck

The City of Minneapolis received a $7.2 million grant from the federal government for a $9.1 project to improve the Hennepin Lyndale Bottleneck. Some hope for a dramatic change, but planners estimated each day 55,000 vehicles use the bottleneck going north south. Thus, they seem loath to cut down the number of lanes.


The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition applauded a proposal introduced today at the Minneapolis City Council Transportation and Public Works Committee to refine last year’s two-way conversions of Hennepin and First Avenue.

“The proposed changes to Hennepin and First will be a huge improvement for people bicycling into downtown,” said Lisa Bender, a founder of the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition.  “These changes reflect the strong commitment of City staff and leadership to ensure that bicycling is a safe and convenient option for people traveling into downtown.”

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