30 Days of Biking promo fun!

IMG_8098.jpg30 Days of Biking is a fun celebration of cycling, and a great way to get started with riding for people who either aren't regular riders, or who hang up their bikes in the winter and want a reason to pull them out early in the new year. We wanted to come up with a fun way to encourage people to explore parts of Minneapolis they may not regularly frequent, and to give them an extra reason to start biking as part of 30 Days of Biking in April.

So we came up with the Countdown to Minneapolis Bike Week scavenger hunt, where we hide a bike around town, and give out prizes to everyone who finds it during 30 Days of Biking! Every day it moves to a new location, and we send out hints on Twitter and Facebook so that people can locate it, and tweet photos of themselves with it. The prizes are all donated by Quality Bike Parts (QBP) and vary from week to week, but are all amazing!

The rules are fairly simple:

1. Follow @MplsBike on Twitter

2. Find Golden Spokecard Bike at local business

3. Tweet photo doing the activity at the business

4. Use the #MplsBW15 and #30DOB hashtags

5. Win cool bike stuff that you can use during Minneapolis Bike Week!

Behind the scenes


Hauling the folding bike and my normal bike to the shop.

After dropping off my son at daycare, I take our Babboe cargo bike from south Minneapolis to wherever the Golden Spokecard Bike was the day before to pick it up. Usually I’m at it by 8am, and move it to the new location before 9am.

We decided to go with a folding bike for the promo because 1) it’s a lot easier to move around town by bike; and 2) it’s a lot more unique of a bike! Once the bike is in place, I take a photo, tweet it out and put it up on Facebook, and bike in to the office!

It's probably not the most efficient or fast way to do it, but it's definitely a fun way to get in a ride in the morning now that the days are getting longer and warmer, and it just feels fitting that a bike organization is moving a bike around town in another bike.


Minneapolis Bike Week

Originally Twin Cities Bike/Walk Week; the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition took responsibility of the event last year and focused on biking in Minneapolis. With the help of our partners and the City of Minneapolis, we held pit stops for commuters, and dozens of fun events to get folks riding.

This year Minneapolis Bike Week will run from May 11-17, and will be no different, with big, themed pit stops during the week along popular commuting routes, and events held by our partners and other bike-friendly groups.

Look for more info on our website soon, and sign up for updates so you're ready to go when Minneapolis Bike Week is here!

Good luck to everyone participating in the promotion leading up to Minneapolis Bike Week - remember to tweet or Facebook using the #MplsBW15 hashtag!